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Wart Removal in London

Verruca and wart removal in London by our professional dermatologists.



      Body and Facial Wart Removal in London

      If you are concerned about a wart or verruca, you may want to consider the available options to remove them. Here at EF MEDISPA, our expert dermatologists in our wart removal clinic will examine your skin to determine the best method of treatment to remove any warts or verrucas you may have.

      Before performing wart or verruca removal in London, you’ll have a consultation with our expert team to assess the areas of concern. They’ll be able to assess and recommend the best course of treatment for you through either freezing or excision, which are both non-invasive and require no downtime. Having skin wart removal surgery is quick and easy through these methods so you can carry on with your day.

      Book your consultation today and we can look to provide the results you desire.

      All treatments are tailored to the individual and personal experiences and results may vary. We recommend a one to one consultation with our Treatment Coordinators to discuss your treatment options.

      Options for Wart Removal in London

      Warts are not necessarily harmful however some people find that their warts or verrucas can affect their self-confidence or make them feel uncomfortable either physically or with their appearance. If you have a wart that is causing you concern, we offer the following effective options for body and facial wart removal in London at EF MEDISPA:

      Freezing Also known as cryotherapy, freezing a wart or verruca to remove it involves applying liquid nitrogen directly to the wart. This non-invasive skin wart... +
      Excision A wart or verruca can be carefully cut out, or excised, during a minor surgical procedure, similar to the removal of skin tags. This procedure is... +

      Summary of Wart Removal In London Procedure

      • Procedure Time 20 minutes depending on the size and deepness of the wart
      • Back To Work Immediately
      • Anaesthetic Local anaesthetic
      • Downtime None
      • Duration Of Results Maintenance courses maybe required
      • Results May need further treatments*

      *Individual results may vary.

      Why Choose EF MEDISPA Wart Removal Clinic in London?

      With over 10 years of experience in the surgical and aesthetic industry, our specialist, award-winning wart removal clinic in London provides a welcoming and safe environment.

      We pride ourselves on our highly experienced and friendly team of clinical practitioners and dermatologists, and ensure that all of our treatment coordinators are available for advice and support before and after your treatment.

      Our skin experts will assess your wart or verruca and discuss your concerns. They will then explain each of our options for wart removal in London in more detail and advise you on which removal method is most suitable.

      Call us today to speak to our highly experienced Treatment Coordinators, who will be happy to book your free consultation.

      Benefits of Wart Removal Treatment

      • Non-invasive procedure that can be performed quickly
      • Minimal scarring
      • No downtime – resume daily activities immediately
      • Removal of contagious warts and verrucas
      • Minor pain or discomfort during procedure
      • Permanent results with repeat treatment

      Wart Removal Aftercare

      • You may experience some pain or discomfort for a few days after wart removal treatment with the area feeling numb. This should pass after a few days.
      • Your treatment coordinator will recommended moisturising the treated area
      • The treated area may blister. If it breaks, use an antiseptic wipe to minimise any spread
      • Any blister should disappear within a few days and leave a smooth result
      • Use aloe vera gel to help hydrate the skin’s surface
      • Avoid exposing the area to direct sunlight. Use a high factor SPF if necessary.
      • Wash the area using a non-irritant cleanser.

      Wart Removal in London FAQs

      What areas can be treated with wart removal in London?

      Warts and verrucas can be removed from anywhere on your body. Our team of expert dermatologists are experienced in removing warts from the face, body and even sensitive and hard to reach areas. Rest assured that whether you require body, intimate or facial wart removal in London, our dermatologists have a wealth of experience that allows us to offer effective results.

      How long does it take to remove a wart from your face or body?

      Most techniques for wart removal are quick and usually last no more than 20 minutes wherever they are on the body. However, removal time varies depending on the size and deepness of the wart. Warts and verrucas do have a habit of returning, so your treatment may need to be repeated to permanently remove them. During your consultation, your dermatologist will examine your wart and be able to advise on the number of treatments you may require.

      Is the removal process painful?

      The level of discomfort is dependent on the wart removal technique. For the excision method, the area is numbed with a local anaesthetic. After treatment, the skin may be tender for a few days and will need to have a dressing applied.

      Will wart removal leave scarring & will the wart return?

      After treatment and once the area has healed, you may notice a slight scar or darker area of skin. However, this is usually temporary and will fade in time to leave a much less prominent scar. If the virus that caused the initial wart or verruca to grow is still active in your body, then there is a chance for regrowth. Wart or verruca removal in London can safely be carried out again, and repeat treatments will usually see the warts removed permanently.

      How many sessions will I need to see a difference?

      This will vary depending on the size and depth of the wart. During your consultation for wart removal, your dermatologist will examine your wart. At this point, they should be able to accurately advise on the number of treatments you may require at our wart removal clinic in London.

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