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All testimonials on our site are based on the personal experiences of individuals. Results may vary from person to person.

  • Temporal Lift

    "I'm completely thrilled with the result. I look, I think, subtly better and completely natural. Not years younger, but fresher, brighter and more cheerful. As promised, my jawline is tighter, my cheeks firmer, my brows more elegantly arched and even my thinning upper lip looks fuller and more upturned. Within a couple of weeks of living with my new face, it felt completely mine".

    Leah Hardy, Temporal Lift
  • Portia Deferagni

    I’ve been under the care of Dr Asel with Bioidentical Hormone Therapy for three months. The extensive screening process was completely bespoke and very thorough, and I am already feeling the benefits of my prescribed creams and tablets: better sleep, more energy, improved mental function and my skin is amazing, I have a glow I’ve not seen since my early twenties!

    Portia Deferagni
  • Elizabeth Lee, Volite HA Boost

    The fantastic team at the King’s Road clinic put my slight apprehension at immediate ease. They were professional, knowledgeable and provided a seamless approach to my treatment (Volite HA Boost), checking that I was comfortable throughout. Twenty minutes later and pleasing results were already visible… I’m looking forward to seeing further improvements!”

    Elizabeth Lee, Volite HA Boost
  • Jennifer Burton

    The Zone Out treatment was fantastic, it relaxed my mind and body, clearing my head of all that “London” stress … Victoria, the Hydrotherapist was incredibly knowledgeable and informative; above all making me feel at ease …I can’t wait to come back again!

    Jennifer Burton, Zone Out Colonic Hydrotherapy
  • Nelly York

    Within a few minutes of it starting I was already in an extremely relaxed, almost meditative state… Afterwards I felt as though I had been asleep for hours, I was relaxed but also rejuvenated, I would highly recommend trying this.


    Nelly York, Zone Out Colonic Hydrotherapy
  • Nadia, FemiLift

    After having FemiLift, I don’t have the worrying sense of urgency to go to the toilet as much, I feel much more in control, this treatment has changed my life for the better.  I am amazed how easy and comfortable the whole process has been.

    Nadia, FemiLift
  • Pauline Baxter, Body Treatments

    Weekly Radiofrequency and Lipotripsy were exhilarating … my tummy and thighs did feel smoother and firmer and the cellulite much less pronounced.


    Two treatments with Reduce by Vanquish on my tummy fat have had a big difference. I was very self-conscious about my tummy but can imagine myself being "beach ready" for a bikini when the treatments complete.

    Pauline Baxter, Body Treatments
  • Pauline Baxter, Body Treatments

    3DSkinLift combined with Mesotherapy made my complexion glow and my face look firmer.


    To deal with the pigmentation following two pregnancies I had the Cosmelan peel … my old face came back - but glowing, clear and virtually pigment free.


    One week after having Anti-Wrinkle Injectables and Dermal Fillers, I look radiant - I feel so much younger but still "me". I can still smile, frown and raise my eyebrows, but I just look like a better version of me.

    Pauline Baxter, Face Treatments
  • The customer service I received at this clinic was I think the best I have ever experienced.  I really cannot fault it.

    L. Blach, Mystery Shopper
  • Melanie, 3D SkinLift by Ultraformer

    I’m absolutely thrilled by the 3D SkinLift. Having two children took its toll leaving loose skin on my stomach that I couldn’t get rid of. Even from my first session with 3DSkinLift I could see noticeable difference and now after a full course I’m feeling like my old self again

    Melanie, 3D SkinLift by Ultraformer
  • Ann-Marie from Unfading Beauty blog, 3D SkinLift

    I could see the lifting results immediately, but it’s really how others react that tells the real story. The first thing that Mark my husband, said when I met him outside, was that my eyes looked young again.

    Ann-Marie from Unfading Beauty blog, 3D SkinLift
  • Helen Smith, Vaser Liposuction

    My consultation with Zoe was wonderful. She understood my concerns perfectly, was very knowledgeable and truly seemed to care about what treatment would work for me. I decided to have Vaser Lipo on my upper abdomen, lower abdomen and love handles… I couldn't believe how quick and easy it was. It has now been one month - there is still a little swelling but I am THIN! Katerina did such an amazing job, I genuinely can't thank her enough. The aftercare has been fantastic too, the therapists all very proficient at their jobs. All in all I am so so happy with my results and would not hesitate to recommend Vaser Lipo to anyone looking to remove stubborn fatty areas that simply won't go.

    Helen Smith, Vaser Liposuction
  • Eve, LED Luminous Lift

    “I really enjoyed this treatment! … I had a deep exfoliating cleanse, followed by a massage using pure fruit enzymes. Then came the luminous lift - a rainbow of light frequencies – which help to promote healthy collagen and calm inflammation. During the light treatment I had a hand and arm massage and the whole experience was finished off with lovely creams and serums. My skin felt amazing the next day and looked really radiant.”

    Eve, LED Luminous Lift
  • Tom Neal, Drip & Chill

    I've seen some of the highest performing athletes and competitors using this new therapy along with some celebrities stateside and couldn't wait to try it… here we are the next day and I feel great! I had to be up at 5am and I have a lot of energy on not a lot of sleep … really looking forward to training tonight.

    Tom Neal, Drip & Chill
  • M.White, Laser Hair Removal

    I have had my last laser hair removal on my upper lip appointment at EF MEDISPA today and I would like to say that I am impressed with the final results of my treatment. My results started to become obvious after my 3rd session. It was an easy, pain-free experience and I would highly recommend EF MEDISPA for laser hair removal.

    M.White, Laser Hair Removal
  • D.Chester, Breast Enhancement with Fat Transfer

    As a slim woman I never expected such good results from my Fat Transfer to the breast area. Very pleased with the outcome – and a generally more streamlined physique to the areas of Vaser Lipo I received.

    D.Chester, Breast Enhancement with Fat Transfer
  • Maria, Skin Peel

    I am so delighted with my skin, the past week it has been peeling but I can see great results… My skin is so smooth and glowing… I look forward to my next treatment.

    Maria, Skin Peel
  • Louise, Acne Treatments

    I have had a series of acne treatments in the past at your clinic and felt so incredibly well taken care of - plus the results were fantastic.

    Louise, Acne Treatments
  • Alison Brighton

    I'm grateful for the good advice you gave me on the most appropriate treatment for me… . I always felt my Treatment Co-ordinator was committed to getting the best possible outcome for me. Although I was a bit sceptical before we began about whether the treatment would be effective, I'm very pleased with the results that have been achieved in such a short time

    Alison Brighton
  • Sam Phillips, Vaser Liposuction

    I decided to look into getting Vaser treatment as I was extremely busy with work and didn’t have spare time on my hands to go the gym.  At first I felt quite nervous about the procedure, but after the consultation with my Doctor I felt so much more at ease. It was very professional, relaxed and made me feel confident to go ahead with the treatment. I was completely over the moon and so happy with the results!

    Sam Phillips, Vaser Liposuction

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