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Tattoo Removal in London

Help reduce the appearance of unwanted tattoos with our advanced Laser tattoo removal treatment.



      What Is Laser Tattoo Removal in London?

      Using the latest in laser technology, laser tattoo removal in London at EF MEDISPA will help to diminish the appearance of any tattoos that you may want to remove.  At our award-winning laser tattoo removal clinic in London, we can help to reduce the appearance of any tattoos on your body and make a significant difference. We can look to reduce the appearance of tattoos in deep shades of black, blue, green and any lighter colour with our best tattoo removal in London. 

      Any size and shape of tattoo can be accommodated, whether it’s from an amateur or professional tattooist. The advanced treatment we offer is the best laser tattoo removal in London, and it is especially effective for those who have trauma tattoos resulting from an accident or surgery. The appearance can be significantly reduced, meaning any concerns with an unwanted tattoo can be addressed no matter its origin by our highly skilled and experienced team. 

      All treatments are tailored to the individual and personal experiences and results may vary. We recommend a one to one consultation with our Treatment Coordinators to discuss your treatment options.

      How Does Laser Tattoo Removal in London Work? 

      The treatment involves the use of swift pulses directed into the ink in your tattoo, breaking down any colour into tiny fragments. We use the latest laser technology to offer the best tattoo removal in London. Once this is completed, the colour is absorbed and naturally dispersed through the lymphatic system, avoiding further damage to the skin. 

      We recommend between 6 to 12 sessions of laser tattoo removal in London; this is dependent on the size, colour, style and age of the tattoo. 

      How Safe Is Laser Tattoo Removal in London?

      tattoo on woman

      The treatment is completely safe and FDA approved. Our experienced team of Treatment Coordinators will discuss the best treatment plan for you individually so that optimum results can be achieved. There is also the benefit of no downtime after our best laser tattoo removal in London, meaning you can return to your normal daily activities after treatment. 

      The time it takes during each session of laser tattoo removal in London depends on the size, shape, style, colour and age of the tattoo being targeted. We will assess the exact timeframe needed during the consultation, addressing any queries and concerns you may have prior to undergoing laser tattoo removal in London with EF MEDISPA. 

      Summary of Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure

      • Procedure Time Dependent on the size of tattoo
      • Back To Work Immediately
      • Anaesthetic Anaesthetic cream
      • Downtime None
      • Duration Of Results Permanent
      • Results Course of 6-12 recommended*

      *Individual results may vary.

      Why Have Laser Tattoo Removal in London at EF MEDISPA?

      Our highly experienced team at EF MEDISPA specialise in a variety of laser treatments, utilising the latest and most cutting-edge technology available. We assure you of the best laser tattoo removal in London. During any treatment with us, we want to make sure you’re are receiving the best solution for your needs and concerns. 

      We strive to offer the best tattoo removal clinic in London, with a friendly and safe environment where you will feel comfortable during each session of laser tattoo removal in London. We will create a bespoke plan individually for you and ensure you feel as comfortable and happy as possible, with your safety and care at the top of our priorities. 

      Step by Step Laser Tattoo Removal in London



      Once you have called and booked a complimentary consultation with us, one of our highly trained Treatment Coordinators will take your full medical history and run through all the available treatment solutions available to you. Once you have decided to proceed with laser tattoo removal with us, a meeting with your Practitioner will be arranged. 


      2 MEET YOUR Practitioner

      When you meet your Practitioner, this will give you the opportunity to discuss any queries or concerns you may have with laser tattoo removal in London. This will also be where treatment, expected results will be discussed also. They will determine what course of action to take for the best tattoo removal in London for your needs. 



      Numbing cream will be applied by your Therapist prior to the laser tattoo removal in London to ensure you feel comfortable throughout. The duration of treatment can vary depending on the size of your tattoo, with your Practitioner going over the tattoo once per session. After the full recommended course detailed in your treatment plan, you will be able to see noticeable results. 



      Post-treatment, we will ask you to cover the area for up to 7 days, washing only with water. Any heat treatments, including saunas and hot baths, should be avoided during that first week after laser tattoo removal. You will also need to keep the area out of direct sunlight for at least 6 weeks, using SPF protection when necessary in-between treatment sessions at our laser tattoo removal clinic in London. 

      Laser Tattoo Removal in London FAQs

      Will I be a suitable candidate for Laser Tattoo Removal?

      As laser tattoo removal in London is a safe and FDA approved treatment, most clients will be suitable, however, this will be discussed and detailed within your initial consultation for suitability. You will have a patch treatment on your skin during the assessment to ensure suitability also. 

      When will I notice results with Laser Tattoo Removal in London?

      It will vary depending on a few factors including, the size and shape of the tattoo, colour and age of the tattoo. Some show noticeable fading after one treatment, others may take longer, with us recommending 6-12 treatments for optimum results and the best tattoo removal in London. Your recommended course of treatment will be discussed during the consultation after assessment. 

      *Results and benefits can vary and are different for each individual. As such, EF MEDISPA cannot guarantee specific results.

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