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Drip and Chill in London

Replenish and re-energise your system with a bespoke blend of vitamin drips in London.




      The process of Drip and Chill in London uses a personalised IV Vitamin Infusion or Intramuscular Shot of vitamins tailored to your individual lifestyle and needs, enhancing your overall wellbeing. Depending on the results you are looking to achieve, we have an amazing menu of different shots and IV vitamin therapy in the UK to suit various goals:

      • Detoxing
      • Improving your energy levels
      • Aid post-workout muscle recovery
      • Strengthen your immune system
      • Nourish your hair, skin and nails

      Addressing a wide variety of concerns, our IV drips in London are a great treatment for boosting your immune system, helping you feel your best self. When you visit our clinic, your Treatment Coordinator will establish exactly what you’re looking for from your vitamin drip, advising you on the most beneficial blend of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and supplements for your unique requirements.

      All of our IV drip in London treatments are tailored to the individual, being exclusively performed by our qualified and highly experienced Nurses at our specialist London clinics. We recommend booking a one to one consultation with our Treatment Coordinators to discuss your treatment options to find the best one for you, and although results may vary, we maintain our high standards so you can get optimal results from your vitamin drip. To help you feel your very best, we can also recommend other non-surgical treatments such as facial treatments London and face injections London.

      All treatments are tailored to the individual and personal experiences and results may vary. We recommend a one to one consultation with our Treatment Coordinators to discuss your treatment options.


      When you visit our Kensington clinic for a vitamin drip in London, your highly qualified Nurse will formulate a bespoke blend of nutrients tailored to your body’s own needs. Anyone can benefit from a bespoke Drip and Chill in London as either a one-off boost or as a regular treat to replenish your system. Depending on the treatment solution, your bespoke vitamin infusions can be delivered through a quick injection or a relaxing vitamin drip. Drip and Chill in London is one of our most relaxing treatments, allowing you to sit back and rest in the peaceful yet sterile environment whilst your IV vitamin therapy is underway.

      To make the process as enjoyable as possible, we do what we can to help you unwind during your IV drip in London. Our clinics offer a selection of complimentary herbal teas and infusions should you like to enjoy some refreshments during your time with us and make the most of your chance to unwind. With the atmosphere being one of true relaxation, many of our clients even tend to drift off into a peaceful sleep during their vitamin drip.


      Our experienced medical team at EF MEDISPA have devised a selection of Intramuscular Shot and IV Infusion vitamin drips in London that can be tailored to benefit your individual concerns or desires. The different options available for Drip and Chill in London include:



      Myers The original formulation that led to the making of the rest of the IV Infusions, Modified Myers is packed with just the right mix of vitamins and... +
      Rejuvenate Reawaken your body with this performance-boosting cocktail. Packed with revitalising energy-boosting B vitamins and amino acids, the Rejuvenate... +
      Energy This infusion contains high levels of Vitamin B and Magnesium, both vital components for improving your energy levels as well as Taurine, one of the... +
      Immunity Vitamin drips in London packed with Vitamin B, Zinc and many other powerful antioxidants, combating free radicals, lethargy and helping to boost your... +
      Antioxidant Infused with powerful antioxidants Vitamin C and Glutathione, this infusion is the ultimate mix of valuable detoxifying nutrients that can help to... +

      Intramuscular Shot Drip and Chill in London

      B12 Shots B12 vitamin is responsible for the conversion of carbohydrates to glucose, acting as an energy factory to deal with lethargy and fatigue. B12 can also... +
      Glutathione Shots Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that can help to enhance muscle strength and improve your endurance levels. It also acts as a detoxifying and... +

      Summary of Drip and Chill in London Procedure

      • Procedure Time 45 minutes
      • Back To Work Immediately
      • Anaesthetic None
      • Downtime None
      • Duration Of Results Ongoing treatment is recommended
      • Results Depending on the individual

      *Individual results may vary.


      Vitamin Drips

      To provide you with as many benefits as possible, our experienced medical team will take the time to understand your concerns and needs before formulating the most beneficial combination of vitamins and nutrients for your IV drip in London. With your safety being our main priority, we only employ highly experienced, qualified Nurses to perform all our vitamin drips in London, ensuring you are in the best hands and are feeling at ease. If you would like to see what past patients have had to say following their IV vitamin therapy, take a moment to read our patient stories.

      Step By Step Drip and Chill in London



      Your initial consultation will be with one of our highly trained Treatment Coordinators, who will discuss the treatment process for Drip and Chill in London in detail. Should you decide to proceed with the vitamin drips in London, an appointment will be booked with our Nurse.



      During your appointment with the Nurse, you will be asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire to establish the type of vitamins you need replenishing, plus any medical complications that may need addressing before undergoing vitamin drips in London. Once your questionnaire has been submitted a vitamin prescription will be formulated by our highly experienced Nurse, tailored to your individual requirements.



      An EF MEDISPA trained Nurse will administer the IM shot or vitamin drips in London, ensuring you are completely relaxed and comfortable at all times. You will then have time to relax clinic during your Drip and Chill in London, taking some time to decompress from your daily routine.

      Vitamin IV Drip in London FAQs

      What is the Drip & Chill® lounge?

      EF MEDISPA has set up a special suite where you can relax and chill out whilst having your Drip & Chill® Infusion, a specially formulated saline drip of super nutrients and powerful antioxidants, or your Intramuscular Vitamin Shot.

      Who has formulated your Drip and Chill® or IM Shot?

      The nutrient-packed infusions for your vitamin drips in London have been formulated by EF MEDISPA’ s experienced medical team, to provide a unique combination of vitamins, trace minerals and antioxidants which have been designed to correct any imbalances, increase energy levels and assist the body to face up to the stresses and strains of modern lifestyles. You have two options with the IM Shot; you can select the B12 or Glutathione injection.

      Who administers the Drip and Chill® or IM Shot?

      The IV Infusions and IM Shots will be administered by one of EF MEDISPA’ s highly experienced Nurses. They will be in attendance during the whole session of vitamin drips in London, ensuring you are always feeling comfortable and safe. They are also available to provide you with advice and guidance on the range of medical, aesthetic and cosmetic treatments available at EF MEDISPA.

      Can I eat and drink during the Drip and Chill in London?

      Herbal infusions, tea and EF MEDISPA’s own alkaline water are complimentary during vitamin drips in London. Alternatively, many patients spend the duration of their vitamin drips in London, reading, catching up with friends on the phone or even sleeping.


      The medical information on our website is provided without any representations or warranties, expressed or implied. We do not warrant or represent that the medical information on this website is true, accurate complete, current or non-misleading. You must not rely on the information on our website as an alternative to medical advice from your Doctor or other healthcare provider. If you have specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your Doctor or other healthcare provider. If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition, you should seek immediate medical attention. You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice or discontinue medical treatment because of information on our website. The products and treatments referred to above will only be provided after completion of a comprehensive medical history, and under the prescription of EF MEDISPA’ s Medical Practitioner. Before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation programme, it is recommended that you consult with a healthcare professional.

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