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Fat Freezing in London

Enjoy a sleek silhouette with our advanced fat freezing treatment for the whole body.



      Advanced Fat Freezing Treatment

      There are certain areas of our bodies that we may find more difficult to remove stubborn fat from, no matter how much we train or diet. These could include below the chin, the bra line, the inner thighs, as well as many other obstinate areas. If this is something you struggle with, but are already close to your desired weight, our fat freezing in London may be able to help. With this treatment, we can create a more lean, toned, and defined appearance in specific areas of your body, helping you to achieve your fitness goals.

      Before performing our cryo fat freezing, it is essential that you have a free consultation with our expert team to discuss the areas of concern. They will be able to review the target zones and recommend the best course of treatment to achieve your dream results. All of the treatments are tailored to each individual, so we will be able to offer a bespoke plan to reach the perfect look. Book your consultation today and discover how EF MEDISPA can help you.

      All treatments are tailored to the individual and personal experiences and results may vary. We recommend a one to one consultation with our Treatment Coordinators to discuss your treatment options.

      What Is Fat Freezing?

      Cryolipolysis, more commonly known as cryo fat freezing, is an advanced fat reduction procedure that safely uses cold temperatures to reduce fat deposits in the body. This type of treatment is a non-invasive and effective way to break down the deposits so that they are metabolised and expelled from the body, leaving a slimmer, toned appearance. We offer the innovative Clatuu fat freezing, which uses a variety of handheld applicators equipped with 360° Surround Cooling Technology to target the layer of adipocytes, or fat cells, without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue.

      With this type of fat freezing treatment, we are able to freeze a significant portion of your subcutaneous fat layer without damaging surround tissues or nerve regions. We can also target a variety of stubborn areas, including the axilla (the armpit), upper arms, abdomen, and flanks, but our most common treatment is fat freezing for double chins. We are proud to offer this safe and best fat freezing procedure, and seeing the incredible results that it offers to all of our customers.

      How Does Fat Freezing In The UK Work?

      Our advanced fat freezing treatment uses a suction cup to target the desired area of stubborn fat, such as the hips or below the buttocks. This suction cup will generate a stable, yet powerful cooling energy between +5°C and −5°C, which specifically targets the fat cells beneath the surface of the skin. This will start the apoptosis process, otherwise known as the natural death of fat cells. When the temperature of the fat cells is brought down, they begin to crystallise and die off, and become naturally metabolised from the body. Not only does the Clatuu fat freezing remove unwanted fat cells, but the remaining fat cells in the target area will become much leaner and dense, giving you a slimmer, toned appearance.


      Double Chin Double Chin
      Axilla Axilla
      Arms Arms
      Bra Line Bra Line
      Abdomen Abdomen
      Flanks Flanks
      Love Handles Love Handles
      Below Buttocks Below Buttocks
      Outer Thighs Outer Thighs
      Inner Thighs Inner Thighs
      Knees Knees

      Why Try Fat Freezing In London At EF MEDISPA?

      At EF MEDISPA, our best fat freezing treatment is designed to benefit each customer on an individual basis. We take the time to listen to your concerns and needs before putting a treatment plan together to help you achieve your desired results. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fat freezing in the UK, so we will create a bespoke course of treatment just for you.
      Some other reasons why you should consider EF MEDISPA for your fat freezing treatment include:
      • Our expert team have over 10 years of experience, helping our customers to reach their beauty goals with cryo fat freezing.
      • Our clinics offer a relaxing and friendly, yet sterile and professional environment for you to receive the most innovative treatments in the beauty industry from our team of practitioners.
      • We pride ourselves on hiring only highly experienced medical professionals, who can expertly carry out our Clatuu fat freezing and advise our clients on the next steps.
      • We have a range of client testimonials for you to read online, so you can see how we have helped many people overcome their skin or body concerns.

      Summary of Fat Freezing in London Procedure

      • Procedure Time 45-60 minutes
      • Back To Work Immediately
      • Anaesthetic None
      • Downtime None
      • Duration Of Results Ongoing treatment is recommended
      • Results First noticeable 4 weeks – 3 months after treatment

      *Individual results may vary.

      Step by Step Fat Freezing in London



      You will have a complimentary consultation with one of our Treatment Coordinators. They will review your full medical history, answer all of your questions about the fat freezing treatment, ensure you are fully aware of the process, and assess whether you would be suitable for the procedure.



      During the initial meeting with your Therapist, they will review the concern areas that you would like to treat. They will discuss how they will be performing the treatment, and offer you the chance to ask any further questions.



      Your Therapist will place a handheld device over the areas you wish to treat, such as below the chin for fat freezing for double chins. This device will create a firm, but comfortable suction, and begin bringing the temperature down. You may experience some slight discomfort or a pinching sensation for the first five minutes, but as the temperature lowers, your cells will naturally become numb. Usually, the treatment lasts from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on your target areas.



      After your treatment for fat freezing in London, your Therapist will gently massage the area to encourage further fat cell breakdown. Our fat freezing is a non-invasive process and involves no downtime, so you will be able to resume daily activities straight away.

      Before and After

      *Individual results may vary.

      Fat Freezing FAQs

      What is Fat Freezing?

      Fat freezing is a form of non-surgical liposuction that can be used to breakdown unwanted fat in a painless, non-invasive way. Our best fat freezing procedure involves using a handheld device to lower the temperature of the fat cells below the skin, which cause them to crystallise, die, and become naturally metabolised.

      How can Fat Freezing help me?

      Fat freezing in the UK has become popular to help remove unwanted fat deposits. It can be used on a range of areas, such as the underarms, bra line, love handles, and inner thighs, so no matter where you would like to trim and tone, we may be able to help. Usually, you can see results immediately, but we may recommend a course of a few fat freezing treatments to help you maintain the look you desire.

      Does Fat Freezing hurt?

      In the first five minutes of the treatment, you may experience some slight discomfort or a pinching sensation. However, as the temperature in your fat cells drops, you will find that the area becomes numb. Many people actually find this treatment to be quite relaxing, particularly as it is followed up with a massage to encourage further fat breakdown.

      Is Fat Freezing safe?

      We are proud to only offer the safest treatments at EF MEDISPA and in your initial consultation, we will determine whether you are suitable for the procedure. Fat freezing in London is non-invasive, so you don’t need to worry about any healing, but if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

      When will I be able to return to daily activities?

      Our cryo fat freezing is completely non-invasive with no downtime, which means you can return to daily life as soon as you leave the clinic. You may find that the area is still slightly numb, but sensations will return within a few hours. However, this should not impede on your daily activities, so you can resume your routine straight away.

      How much does Fat Freezing cost?

      The total cost of our fat freezing in the UK will depend on the number of treatments required. Each individual case will vary depending on the target areas, so once we understand your concerns and goals, the costs will be discussed with you before going ahead with the treatment.

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