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Bespoke aftercare programmes designed to increase healing and enhance your results.



      What is Aftercare at EF MEDISPA?

      We pride ourselves on our extensive, tailored and highly personalised aftercare programmes available here at EF MEDISPA. Many treatments and procedures require some form of aftercare, something which we can provide in various ways for you. All our aftercare programmes are designed to benefit you, your treatment results and your wellbeing for long-lasting results.

      Our bespoke patient aftercare programmes may comprise of a series of review appointments. This will mean we can monitor and track your post-treatment progress and provide advice and aftercare products best for your recovery, to be used at home. As well as general aftercare, additional treatments may be recommended that will improve your overall results and help you to achieve your optimum results.

      Your aftercare programme will be discussed with you prior to your procedure, ensuring you understand each stage of your treatment process.

      Why Do You Need to Have Aftercare Sessions?

      Your planned aftercare will aid your body’s healing and recovery process as well as maximise your treatment results, comfort and wellbeing. Our post-treatment review appointments enable you to liaise with your Treatment Coordinator and medical team to ask any questions you may have. Our experienced staff will track and monitor your progress, providing invaluable advice and guidance along the way. At EF MEDISPA we believe in treating the individual, so all our aftercare programmes are tailored to your exact needs.

      Which Treatments Do We Offer Aftercare For?

      Almost all treatments and procedures encompass some form of aftercare here at EF MEDISPA. Our bespoke aftercare programmes are specifically designed for you, so can vary dramatically between individuals.

      Surgical procedures often result in a comprehensive aftercare programme, which includes scheduled review appointments to monitor how your body is healing and how it has reacted to the procedure. Wounds will be carefully assessed, and advice provided to minimise the scarring in the long-term.

      Minimally invasive or minor cosmetic procedures such as skin peels may require a different type of aftercare programme. Post-treatment products may be recommended that must be applied at home following the guidance that will be provided by your Treatment Coordinator.

      Some procedures, such as fat reduction treatments including Liposuction or Fat Transfer, may require you to wear a compression garment that will maximise your results and improve the healing process. Your personal aftercare plan will be clearly set out and explained to you prior to your treatment with us.

      Our extensive treatment portfolio also provides a range of high-quality treatments that could benefit any aftercare programme. Carboxy Therapy is particularly effective at reducing the appearance of any visible scars, whilst Pressotherapy and Lymphatic Drainage can help to improve your overall health. Furthermore, Radiofrequency and 3D SkinLift by Ultraformer can effectively tackle the loose skin following any fat reduction treatments, whilst our LED Luminous Lift can help to promote the healing process.

      Our experienced and expert medical team strives to provide the most effective aftercare programmes London has to offer, in order to bring optimum results and a fast recovery.

      Why Should You Have Aftercare with EF MEDISPA?

      Aftercare with EF MEDISPA

      Our patients’ safety, care and aftercare will always remain our top priority, therefore we can provide one of the finest aftercare programmes you’ll find in London. Our exceptional medical team are always available to provide advice, guidance and support before, during and after your treatment at EF MEDISPA.

      Our clinics are welcoming and friendly, offering our patients a private, relaxing environment regardless of their treatment choice. We always aim to provide the most natural-looking results, making everyone’s experience at EF MEDISPA as enjoyable and beneficial as possible.

      We strive to offer the most comprehensive aftercare programmes throughout London, with a wide range of aftercare treatments to ensure patients feel valued and cared for until they are discharged from our care.

      To fully understand why choosing EF MEDISPA for your treatment aftercare is a great option, please take a moment to read our patient stories. For anything else, please contact us for more information today.

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      Winner of best customer experience at the MyFaceMyBody awards 2013/14 Winner of Aesthetic Award EF MEDISPA winner of London Lifestyle Award 2017 EF MEDISPA winner of London Lifestyle Award 2015 EF MEDISPA wins Medi-Spa of the Year 2014 EF MEDISPA wins Medi-Spa of the Year 2015 care quality commission Best Customer Service Award – EF Medispa

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