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All testimonials on our site are based on the personal experiences of individuals. Results may vary from person to person.

  • Tom, Well Man Diet

    I wanted to lose weight for my wedding.The diet was easy to manage and I didn’t have to spend a lot of time preparing the meals.The end results were amazing – 14kg loss and I have learnt how to maintain healthy lifestyle.

    Tom, Well Man Diet
  • Sharon, Vaser Liposuction

    The staff put me at ease…Three months later the results are amazing and continuing to improve… I cannot say enough good words to express the how satisfied I am with the entire experience…How do I describe my results now? Fabulous!

    Sharon, Vaser Liposuction
  • A. Martin, Intense Pulse Light Therapy

    I have recently been having IPL treatment at EF Medispa and I have to say that it is the best beauty treatment I have ever had. I feel and look ten years younger. My skin hasn't glowed like this in years and it is so exciting to see all the sun damage disappear. I can't believe it. The staff are wonderful, caring and courteous and I am so pleased that I decided to invest in this treatment.

    A. Martin, Intense Pulse Light Therapy
  • Margaret, Breast Enhancement

    I kept reading about how more and more people were having implants, but the idea of having a general anaesthetic really worried me. As soon as I heard that I could have implants with just a local anaesthetic, I jumped at the chance.

    Margaret, Breast Enhancement
  • Christine, Breast Enhancement

    As an early divorcee, I was determined to get back dating immediately. I don’t know why, but after five years of marriage my breasts were sagging and I didn’t have the confidence to get into a serious relationship. I tried the breast injection, because I wasn’t really sure if I was ready for implants. When I saw the result I knew that I wanted to go ahead with the implants.

    Christine, Breast Enhancement
  • Angela, Breast Enhancement

    Since the age of 16 I was so embarrassed at my small chest. I was 19 before I had my first serious boyfriend, and could bring myself to have any kind of physical relationship with him. I was 21 before I decided to have implants, but waited another 6 six years to pluck up the courage. I can’t believe how different my life has been, and just wonder why I waited so long. I really don’t think that I would ever have got married if I didn’t get my implants.

    Angela, Breast Enhancement
  • Shelley, Breast Enhancement

    I was really happy with my figure before I had my first child, and I was really upset to see how breast feeding affected the shape of my breasts. I never thought I would get back to how I used to look. Having implants has helped to regain my confidence and done wonders for my personal image.”

    Shelley, Breast Enhancement
  • Karina, Acne Treatment

    What makes EF MEDISPA different is that they tailor the traditional treatments and latest medical advances into individual programme, taking into consideration the client’s long-term and immediate objectives. I have had the same therapist, and she was amazing; incredibly friendly and lovely, and ... made me completely trust her and her professionalism. Fine lines disappeared, complexion is healthier. I feel so much more confident and sometimes don’t even wear foundation!


    Karina, Acne Treatment
  • F.H., AWT

    After going for the AWT treatment at EF MEDISPA I was extremely happy with the results! I thought that the treatment worked so well on my body, with minimal pain and discomfort. I was extremely happy with the results and definitely feel like this is the best treatment for cellulite.

    The Spa RF treatment also gave me a smoother more toned skin, leaving with great results. And I would definitely recommend to a friend.

    F.H., AWT
  • Maria Goretti Hassan, Acne Treatment

    I have suffered from skin problems such as acne and discolouration ever since I was 11. I had tried treating it; however nothing ever worked and gave me allergic reactions. Since having treatments at EF MEDISPA the acne and scarring is gone and my skin looks and feels amazing! It’s fantastic. The therapists were amazing, they went far and beyond, made me feel so comfortable and at ease and really took care of me. They go out of their way to try and do what’s best for you!

    Maria Goretti Hassan, Acne Treatment
  • wellwoman diet

    Since starting the Well Woman with EF MEDISPA's in-house nutritionist Kim, I've lost 11 Kilos, this was more than my target and a weight that I thought I'd never be able to reach again since having a baby. Nothing in the past had ever worked as quickly as this and I felt really motivated to continue. The maintenance programme makes me feel really good, and so maintaining that weight loss has not been difficult at all. I also feel so much more healthy and energetic. I am so happy I went on this diet, feel so proud of my achievement and glad to look so fit and well.

    F. Robertson, Nutrition
  • Shannon, Diet

    I feel good, I feel like I have lost actual fat and not just water.  This isn’t a fad diet, it’s a rapid weight loss diet that is medically supervised and it has worked for me!

    I am the shape and size I want to be 12 weeks before my wedding.  Result!

    Shannon, Diet
  • Ingrid, Nutrition

    I was refreshingly pleased that you listened attentively to my likes and dislikes and came up with suggestions that not only could I incorporate but actually enjoyed and found easy to maintain ... I jumped on the scales some five weeks later to find that I'd gone from 88 kg's to 80 kg's in time for my 52nd birthday!

    Ingrid, Nutrition
  • C. Ward, Refirme

    I have found it to be very effective. I am 47 and I really noticed the results after three weeks. I find that Refirme is a great solution for people like me who don’t want to have Botox. Refirme builds up the collagen and I found it worked best around my jaw, neck and lips, it also means a lot that the staff at EF MEDISPA really know what they are doing and talking about!

    C. Ward, Refirme
  • B. Caldwell, Anti-Wrinkle Injectables

    Before I had Anti-Wrinkle Injectables, the lines I had were so sharp and so deep that when I looked in the mirror it looked like I was frowning all the time. As the lines disappeared I realised how much of a difference it made not having them there. The level of care and personal touch at EF MEDISPA was the most important. I’m extremely pleased and gratified by EF MEDISPA, going there is totally inspiring.

    B. Caldwell, Anti-Wrinkle Injectables
  • K. Parki, Dermal Fillers

    I was too young for a face lift and didn't want anything too aggressive. After having fillers, people were asking if I'd been on holiday as I looked much more refreshed and rejuvenated.  This is something I'd go back for time and time again!

    K. Parki, Dermal Fillers
  • R. Fairweather, Vaser Liposuction

    As a guy who works out I have always found there is an area of fat on my abdomen that I haven't been able to shift.  When I first heard about Vaser lipo, I didn't quite believe that I could walk in one afternoon and have fat removed from my abdomen and walk out feeling fine afterwards.  Though some of the fat was removed during the procedure I have to wait 6 weeks to see the full results and I cannot wait!  The procedure itself was totally fine, I was nervous beforehand as I am scared of needles but the medical team at EF MEDISPA really put me at ease and I smiled and chatted my way through the procedure.

    R. Fairweather, Vaser Liposuction
  • A. Biggins, Drip & Chill

    I was feeling really lacking in energy before my Drip & Chill® and the treatment was an instant pick-me-up! The treatment left me totally relaxed and refreshed, my eyesight seemed to have brightened and I felt like my skin was glowing.

    A. Biggins, Drip & Chill®
  • J. Baker, Vaser High Def

    My dearest wish was that I would go to bed and in the morning my tummy would have melted away and I would have the lovely flat stomach I had pre-pregnancy. Having Vaser high def pretty much made that happen! Although it wasn't a totally pain-free procedure the results are incredible, I have a perfectly flat stomach and having the procedure has kick-started me into losing weight of my own accord. I lost a stone in 8 weeks and continue to lose weight now.


    The aftercare from EF MEDISPA has been second to none, and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for essentially making my wishes come true. I feel I have been thoroughly spoilt by you all and look forward to coming into the spa for my treatments as I get to see the lovely team!

    J. Baker, Vaser High Def
  • N. French, 32 Drip & Chill-small

    I lead quite a healthy but busy lifestyle. I read about EF MEDISPA's Drip & Chill® and it seemed to tick all the boxes of what I needed.  Coming in to have my vitamin infusion coupled with the PowerNap Alpha MediPod specially programmed music was really easy and incredibly realxing.  I felt amazing straight after and I was full of energy for days afterwards.  I am taking a course of treatments and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to give their body that vital energy boost!

    N. French, Drip & Chill®

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