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Advanced ultrasonic skin tightening and body sculpting treatment



      What is Radiofrequency?

      Radio FrequencyRadiofrequency (often referred to as RF) is a cutting-edge treatment that provides impressive results when used to combat the many signs of ageing. Radiofrequency treatment combines two ultrasound frequencies to deliver its benefits to multiple depths of the epidermis. Unipolar energy delves deep into the skin to plump the inner layers, whilst bipolar energy focuses on the outer layers of the skin to tackle fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. The results?… Firmer, tighter and smoother skin!

      The heat produced during treatment also promotes the production of natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid adding further improvements to the health and appearance of the skin. Treatment breaks down fat cells and aids lymphatic drainage too, helping to redefine facial contours. Radiofrequency treatment is popular with men and can be used on the face or to tighten and smooth skin and to tackle cellulite on the body. It is a non-invasive, pain free treatment.

      All treatments are tailored to the individual and personal experiences and results may vary. We recommend a one to one consultation with our Treatment Coordinators to discuss your treatment options.

      Why consider Radiofrequency?

      Radiofrequency treatment is a fast and effective treatment that provides immediate results. It is a pain free, non-invasive treatment that only takes around 45 minutes. Radiofrequency doesn’t require any post-treatment downtime and can be used to tackle loose, sagging skin on the face and body. Many men benefit from RF treatment to redefine facial contours, which commonly sag and droop as we age. It can also be used on the body to tighten and tone loose skin and tackle the appearance of cellulite. This is an advanced, anti-ageing technology that offers visible results from just one treatment, although a course of 4 – 8 treatments is recommended to achieve optimum anti-ageing results.

      Radiofrequency also provides excellent fat reduction results and can be used to target stubborn areas of fat. Men often suffer from ‘middle-aged spread’, which can result in hard to shift pockets of fat around the waist. Radiofrequency treatment can reduce fat and tone and tighten loose skin at the same time.

      What are the benefits of having Radiofrequency?

      Here at EF MEDISPA we love the results achieved with Radiofrequency treatment and so do many of our male clients! Radiofrequency delivers fast and noticeable results without the need for an invasive procedure.

      It can be carried out in your lunch break as treatments only take 45 minutes and don’t require any post-treatment downtime. You can simply return to work straight after the treatment with firmer, tighter, smoother skin. Thanks to its ability to breakdown fat cells, aid lymphatic drainage and tackle the signs of cellulite, it can be effective to reduce the signs of ageing, tone and firm skin on the face and body.

      If you’re opting to use RF as a fat reduction treatment then you will see measurable differences before and after your treatment.

      What happens during the treatment?

      Your highly trained skincare expert will use the Accent Radiofrequency system to carry out your treatment. A hand-held device is applied to the skin and you will experience a warm, massaging sensation. Controlled amounts of energy are transmitted onto the face or body, allowing the different frequencies to work to different depths of the skin.

      Treatment results in no or very little discomfort and requires no post-treatment downtime. RF is a completely non-invasive skin-tightening treatment. Treatment last around 45 minutes depending in the area being concentrated on. At EF MEDISPA we recommend course of 4 – 8 treatments to achieve optimum results but your individual requirements will be discussed with your Treatment Coordinator or Practitioner.

      Most people describe a Radiofrequency treatment as receiving a warm massage!

      How long is the recovery time?

      Because Radiofrequency treatment is a non-invasive treatment it doesn’t require any recovery time. You can simply enjoy your treatment, enjoy the results and then return to your normal daily activities with skin that looks smooth and toned.

      We would advise that exposure to any extreme hot or cold temperatures is avoided for at least 48 hours following treatment (i.e. saunas, steam rooms, etc). It is also advisable to protect the treated area from the sun by using an SPF.

      Summary of Radio Frequency Procedure

      • Procedure Time 30 minutes
      • Back To Work Immediately
      • Anaesthetic None
      • Downtime None
      • Duration Of Results Maintenance courses may be required
      • Results Course of 6 recommended*

      *Individual results may vary.

      Why have a Radiofrequency at EF MEDISPA?

      At EF MEDISPA we pride ourselves on offering our clients revolutionary skincare treatments that are safe and effective. Radiofrequency is exactly that! Our expert skincare practitioners are highly trained to offer pre and post treatment advice, ensuring you receive the best possible treatment plan for your individual needs. Our Treatment Coordinators are also on hand to support you before, during and after your treatment.

      Our clinics have been designed to offer comfort and privacy, enabling you to relax and enjoy your time at EF MEDISPA. All our staff will remain focused on your care and safety to ensure a positive experience. We offer bespoke treatments that are tailored to your needs and goals.

      To really understand why you should choose EF MEDISPA for your Radiofrequency treatment, please take a moment to read our patient stories.

      Step By Step Radiofrequency



      Firstly, you need to book a complimentary consultation with one of our highly experienced EF MEDISPA Treatment Coordinators. Your full medical history will be taken and the treatment will be explained thoroughly.



      If you decide to proceed with Radiofrequency your next appointment with one of our Practitioners will be booked. During that appointment you will have the chance to discuss Radiofrequency in more depth. You will talk about your beauty goals, have all your queries answered and discuss expected results.



      Radiofrequency is a non-invasive treatment with no need for anaesthetic. Your Therapist will use the Accent Radiofrequency machine to deliver controlled amounts of heat to your body focusing on the problem areas and targeting both the surface and deeper skin tissues. Most of our clients characterise the feeling of the treatment as a “warm massage”.



      There is no downtime as this is a non-invasive treatment. Your Practitioner will assess the number of treatments that you will need to have for optimum results, but usually we recommend a course of 6 treatments.

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      What Can I Expect From A Course Of Accent Radio Frequency?

      Following an initial consultation, a highly skilled, specifically trained and certified Aesthetician at EF MEDISPA will carry out the treatment. The tissue within the skin is precisely heated at the dermis (the inner layer of the skin) using the Accent Radio Frequency system.
      This can take up to 45 minutes in one session, dependent on the size of the area to be treated. It is a comfortable process and may at the most cause a slight redness for no more than 24 hours. You can immediately resume your daily activities, as no downtime is required. Each treatment will usually be done at two week intervals, with between four to eight treatments required.

      How Does It Work?

      Harnessing Unipolar and Bipolar Radio Frequency to create a unique dual technology. Accent Radio Frequency delivers controlled heat to volumetric tissue in the body at two distinct depths; The Bipolar targets the surface of the skin while the Unipolar penetrates to the inner layer of the skin at the dermis.
      Bipolar Radio Frequency can be effective on thin and delicate skin such as the face, making it suitable to target fine lines and wrinkles. Unipolar Radio Frequency helps to improve shaping and firmness by using alternate electromagnetic fields to cause heating and friction in the deeper layers of the skin. The procedure can also increase the metabolism and secretion of fat. Together, this dual technology can provide change without resorting to invasive surgery.

      Is The Treatment Safe and Is It Painful?

      Accent Radio Frequency is completely safe. There is little or no discomfort experienced with the treatment, with most men often describing the feeling as being similar to a ‘warm massage’. Each person’s pain threshold is different, however most people find the treatment easily tolerable.

      When Will The Results Be Visible?

      As you progress through your course of treatments with Accent Radio Frequency your results can become increasingly more visible.

      Winner of best customer experience at the MyFaceMyBody awards 2013/14 Winner of Aesthetic Award EF MEDISPA winner of London Lifestyle Award 2017 EF MEDISPA winner of London Lifestyle Award 2015 EF MEDISPA wins Medi-Spa of the Year 2014 EF MEDISPA wins Medi-Spa of the Year 2015 care quality commission Best Customer Service Award – EF Medispa

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