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Vaser Liposuction for Men’s Chin

Vaser Lipo for chin

A double chin or baggy jowls is a common problem for men, however it is a problem that can be rectified with Vaser Lipo at EF MEDISPA.

chin liposuctionA chiselled jaw line defines both the jaw and the facial bone structure, giving your profile a much more contoured appearance. It can restore your confidence and can take years off your appearance.

A double chin is generally the result of the natural ageing process or excessive weight gain, however it can also be hereditary. Due to the location of the area it can be notoriously difficult to eradicate, even with rigorous diet and exercise. Vaser liposuction for the chin can  be a solution for baggy jowls or a double chin. It can target these small areas of fat and totally redefine the area.

Vaser Lipo for the chin at EF MEDISPA is a simple procedure. A specially prepared saline solution is initially injected into the area. This solution has a numbing effect that ensures the ensuing procedure will be as comfortable as possible. The injected solution also helps to restrict blood flow and expands the area in preparation for the treatment to commence. The treatment begins with miniscule incisions being made into the chin, thus allowing the ultrasonic probe to be inserted. Once inserted the probe then emits high frequency energy this helps to break down and emulsify the fat. This liquified fat can then be gently suctioned away.

Vaser Lipo for Chin - Before and After

vaser lipo chin








EF MEDISPA offers a bespoke before, during and aftercare service for Vaser Lipo for the chin or jowls. Our exemplary aftercare service will also ensure that downtime is minimal and that results are maximised.*

To book a free no obligation consultation with one of our friendly Treatment Co-Ordinators please contact us or click on the link below.

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