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Well man diet – The rapid inch loss diet

Targets body fat and maintains muscle mass

EF MEDISPA’s exclusive Well Man Diet, also known as the rapid inch loss diet has been  designed by the anti-ageing specialist Esther Fieldgrass, the Founder of EF MEDISPA. The dietary strategy has many years of scientific and clinic research behind it and it has guaranteed results. It is carried out under the supervision of your nutritionist and uses Proteifine, a protein based low  carbohydrate meal substitute. It also includes mood enhancers, so you do not feel at a low ebb whilst dieting.

I have struggled with managing my own weight ever since I was a teenager. I have tried most diets around, and if I haven’t tried a diet it is usually because I have researched it thoroughly and decided against it. So you can imagine how excited I am to have finally found one that works. Not only that, but it has a magic ingredient to counteract the moods swings that have led me to give up on so many diets, and further the weight loss stays off.  Not surprisingly, it is not just a diet, it is a complete weight loss programme – and it comes with my personal guarantee”

Esther Fieldgrass

Well man diet rapid inch loss diet LondonThe Well Man diet is the amazing new rapid weight loss slimming programme from EF MEDISPA which has been especially designed for men.

The Well Man Diet targets body fat and maintains muscle mass, unlike other rapid weight loss diets which can cause reductions in muscle mass resulting in rebound weight gain. This diet is ensures quick weight loss, but the dietary programme and nutritional reeducation ensure that the weight stays off.

The diet is for anyone over the age of 16 who wishes to lose weight however certain health conditions are contraindicated with the diet. This programme particularly suits men as it allows them to not only shed body fat, but many men find that they increase their muscle mass and definition, even with minimal or no exercise. It works well for young men leading busy lives as well as men over 40 who may be starting to see the effects of the ‘middle age spread’.

The rapid inch loss diet is a simple four step programme from EF MEDISPA. Esther developed this diet and combined it with medical research into the impact that protein diets have on counteracting obesity.

Whether you are seriously overweight, or just looking to lose a few pounds this diet can help either way. It also helps those that just want to improve their body shape.

If you have found dieting difficult in the past then this is definitely the diet for you!

The First Step is a free consultation with one of EF MEDISPA's treatment co-ordinators, who will give you an overview of the programme and recommend bespoke treatments to optimise your results. A full medical history is taken to make sure of your suitability and to cover any questions that you may have.

Step TWO once you have decided to proceed, you will be booked in for a consultation with EF MEDISPA’s in house nutritionist Kim Pearson. Kim will run through a comprehensive consultation, assessing your health, diet and lifestyle. The blood test will identify any contra-indications and ensure that the diet is right for you, it also enables the diet to be tailored to you. Kim can now recommend the dietary phase and supplementation, based on your weight loss goals and lifestyle factors.

Step THREE is detoxification. Your detox treatments may include colonic hydrotherapy, electro-lymphatic drainage or EF MEDISPA's high tech cold wave laser. The treatments will be recommended by your treatment co-ordinator who will tailor a programme to suit you.

Step FOUR is skin tightening and toning.  The uniqueness of this programme is that it helps to maintain skin integrity. The Well Man diet is designed to limit any sagginess, often associated with rapid weight loss.   In addition, EF MEDISPA uses the latest radio frequency equipment for skin tightening. Skin toning and tightening treatments will be arranged during the first four weeks of the programme.*

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