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Chirally correct cosmetic peel for men

CosMedix Peels for Men

Chirally Correct CosMedix Peels at EF MEDISPA are purposely designed to encourage changes in the skin, without causing any damage to it. They are ideal for skin redness, dryness, uneven tone, loss of lucidity, as well as loss of elasticity. They can also address many skin complaints such as rosacea, pigmentation, photo damage, stretch marks, acne, scarring and premature ageing of the skin.

cosmedix peels for menAs CosMedix peels have no preservatives, no perfume, talcs, dyes or other irritants this makes them versatile and suitable for all skin types; even for sensitive skin.

The Chirally Peel at EF MEDISPA works in such a way that rather than treat the symptom, they can correct the underlying problem.

The Philosophy behind chirally correct

If you try to put the wrong key into a door, the door will not open. Every cell has a receptor that has a spin either left or right, chirality works on this spin. The skin has millions of cell receptors and when an ingredient attaches itself to a receptor if it is the wrong ‘spin’, similar to the key in the lock, it is blocked. Therefore it is totally ineffective. Chirality works on getting the ‘correct spin’ - chirally correct - so the treatment can be effective.

Cosmedix Peels

Chemical peels are used to destroy healthy tissue and encourage the body to then repair itself, CosMedix peels have a completely different approach. They are used to stimulate the skin and encourage cell turnover, whilst protecting the cells from radical damage. Due to this they are in no way traumatic and this can make them suitable for even the most sensitive skin. This stimulation can lead to increased collagen and elastin, which in turn can produce renewed and revitalised skin.

As with all peels, a before and after care treatment will ensure you get the optimum benefit of the peel.

Prep Kit

Before you have a CosMedix Peel at EF MEDISPA you need to get your skin ready. We will provide you with a Pre-Peel Prep Kit. This is a vital part of your skin care regime and this needs to be used at least 10 days prior to having your peel. The kit includes a balance of products for exfoliating, stimulating and protecting. The regime needs to be adhered to as it increases circulation and provides skin-building components, this is all necessary so that your skin will be prepared to receive the ingredients contained in the peel.

The kit includes four products: Purity Clean, Protect, Define and Defy.

After Care Kit

The After Care Kit is to be used after your peel to ensure you get the greatest benefit from the peel. It will help heal, comfort and protect your skin in the days ahead. It can also protect your skin from the sun. This will need to be used for 3 to 10 days after your peel.

The kit includes four products: Benefit Clean, Reflect, Rescue and Pure Enzymes.

Purity Peel For Acne

EF MEDISPA provide The Purity Peel for skin conditions such as acne and for enlarged pores. It is an intense formula of ingredients designed purposely to treat these conditions and the effects of them. It can help heal and clear the skin of blemishes, reduce inflammation, heal acne scarring and exfoliate.  It can leave your skin looking and feeling radiant.

Blueberry Smoothie - Acne

The Blueberry Smoothie is a light chemical peel which can be superb for Acne. It helps refresh and invigorate the skin by using active Blueberry extracts, Lactic Acid, and D-Glucuronic Acid to help gently heal and repair. This antioxidant peel should cause no visible irritation and can leave skin feeling completely renewed.

Benefit Peel - Nourishing For Rosacea Skin

The Benefit Peel is our best all round peel. It is an antioxidant peel which can be ideal for hypersensitive, ageing, rosacea or acne prone skin. This effective antioxidant peel helps stimulate collagen production and deliver a blend of nourishing and vital stimulating ingredients into the skin layers.

Pomegranate Peel - For Epidermal Levelling

The Pomegranate Peel can even out the top layers of the skin. It is a potent mix of antioxidants used to prevent free radical damage and encourage collagen production. It can leave skin feeling radiated and give skin a healthy looking glow.

The Body Lift Peel

The Body Lift Peel is used to improve the skin all over the body, tighten and firm the skin. It can also brighten and lift the skin tone. It can be effective for scarring, stretch marks and to help combat the ageing process.

At EF MEDISPA we are one of the few clinics in the UK to offer chirally correct body peels.*

The Body Lift Peel uses highly effective Cosmedix surgiceutical ingredients for this body skin treatment. It is used to gently improve the skin’s appearance beyond the surface, without causing any redness or irritation.

PLEASE NOTE: With all skin peels Sun Block must be worn. We would highly recommend a block with at least a minimum of 11% zinc oxide for complete protection.

Winner of best customer experience at the MyFaceMyBody awards 2013/14 Winner of Aesthetic Award EF MEDISPA winner of London Lifestyle Award 2017 EF MEDISPA winner of London Lifestyle Award 2015 EF MEDISPA wins Medi-Spa of the Year 2014 EF MEDISPA wins Medi-Spa of the Year 2015 care quality commission Best Customer Service Award – EF Medispa

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