DIY Liposuction – Can I Perform Liposuction On Myself?

Question: Can I Perform Liposuction On Myself?

Answer: No, you cannot undertake a liposuction treatment yourself; liposuction must be carried out by a specially trained and qualified liposuction Surgeon. It is important that you research any potentially suitable clinics for liposuction thoroughly, to make sure that you are confident in the clinics’ abilities and credentials, and that you feel comfortable with the clinic and the liposuction Surgeon.

The most advanced version of liposuction is Vaser lipo. Unlike traditional liposuction and Smart Lipo (smart liposuction) which use laser technology, Vaser lipo instead utilises ultrasound technology to break down and remove unwanted fat in a far gentler manner. The use of ultrasound technology also means that, unlike smart liposuction, Vaser lipo can target very specific areas of fatty tissue for removal (known as Vaser liposelection), while leaving surrounding body tissues unharmed.

EF MEDISPA was one of the very first clinics to introduce Vaser lipo to the UK from the USA and provides two types of Vaser lipo treatments: Vaser lipo to permanently remove excess fat from the body and Vaser High Def for advanced body sculpting. EF MEDISPA is an internationally renowned clinic that has received numerous awards for its standards and service, most recently with the Best Clinic Chain Award 2011-12, making EF MEDISPA the clinic of choice for numerous patients who want Vaser lipo to get rid of unwanted fat.

Vaser lipo can be effective for men and women who want to remove stubborn fat from the body and to sculpt the body into a more contoured, streamlined shape. Vaser lipo is suitable for most areas of the body and is particularly popular for fat removal on problem areas including the neck, stomach, chest, hips and buttocks.*

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