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Liposuction fat removal for Buttocks

liposuction fat removal for buttockIt is all too easy to gain excess fat on the buttocks and unfortunately fat on the bum tends to accumulate unevenly across the buttocks. This can make it difficult to find clothes that fit properly, as it can cling too tight in the fuller areas of the bum and hang loosely in other areas.

The buttocks is one of the key areas that people want to get rid of fat from the body. Liposuction for buttocks can remove excess fat from the butt if exercise and dieting is not shifting the weight. Lipo on the bum can reduce the size of your butt and can provide better shape and definition, for an enhanced appearance that makes it easier for you to fit in your clothing.

While traditional liposuction has long been used to get rid of fat on the bum, Vaser lipo is the next generation of liposuction treatments, offering the same fat removal benefits while being far less invasive and damaging to the body and requiring much less recovery time. This is because traditional liposuction on the butt can cause a lot of damage to nearby supportive tissues in the body, while Vaser lipo instead uses ultrasonic technology to break down the fat gently and effectively.

If you are considering liposuction for buttocks, Vaser lipo on the bum is a very effective procedure that uses a process called LipoSelection to precisely target areas of fat for removal, to create the body shape that you desire. Because Vaser lipo on the butt require just a 12 hour rest period following treatment, you can resume your normal daily activities pretty much straight away after your liposuction.*

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