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Laser Lipolysis Far Removal For The Neck

Question: Is Laser Lipolysis a suitable treatment for fat removal from the neck?

Answer: Laser Lipolysis – also known as Smart liposuction or Smart Lipo – is a form of liposuction that uses laser technology to melt down unwanted fatty deposits in the body, so that it can be suctioned out of the body. Smart liposuction is an alternative to traditional liposuction, because although it uses the same laser technology, it is less invasive and also requires less downtime because Smart Lipo doesn’t require the use of a general anaesthetic.

However, Smart liposuction has since been followed by Vaser liposuction –  this is the most advanced and effective liposuction on the market. The innovative technology used in Vaser lipo harnesses ultrasound to emulsify the fat in a much gentler, less invasive manner.

Not only this, but Vaser lipo is a more targeted treatment, as the ultrasound technology enables the Surgeon to directly target specific areas of fat for removal (known as Vaser liposelection), which means that the surrounding body tissue is left untouched. Therefore,  you tend to see less bruising and swelling after the treatment, and results can start to be seen straight away.
Another benefit that came with the introduction of Vaser lipo was the length of recovery time, which became shorter compared to traditional liposuction and Smart Lipo. This is thanks to a combination of Vaser lipo being a less invasive and damaging procedure, coupled with the fact that Vaser lipo doesn’t require the use of a general anaesthetic.

EF MEDISPA is recognised as being one of the first clinics to bring Vaser liposuction to the UK from America and offers two types of Vaser: Vaser lipo for fat removal from the body and Vaser High Def for advanced body sculpting.*


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