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Colonic Hydrotherapy / Colonic Irrigation

Body Cleansing Colonic Treatment

Clients approach EF MEDISPA’s colonics team regarding colonic irrigation for many different reasons.  They wish to adopt a gentle, holistic approach to achieve their desired health goals and outcomes through this ancient method.  This gentle procedure, coupled with our first class facilities has become a popular choice for many clients who struggle with the adverse effects of their hectic lifestyles.

Colonic HydrotherapyOur colonic hydrotherapists take a broad naturopathic view as they work with you to help pin point any as yet unacknowledged key factors which may relate to your health issues.   Following an in-depth consultation, you may be encouraged to implement beneficial changes in conjunction with your colonic hydrotherapy sessions.

EF MEDISPA’s colonic team is headed by Victoria Cooper who has been a member of Association and Register of Colon Hydrotherapists (ARCH), the leading professional body, since 2001. Victoria is a member of the Doctor Healer Network as well as being a member of Holistic Healers.

Colonic Hydrotherapy (also know as colonic irrigation) is a naturopathic treatment used to cleanse your body of any unnecessary waste and toxins. This is a procedure which involves a gentle infusion of water into the colon by means of special disposable tubing. The water works to soak and displace faecal wastes that may have become trapped in the body for reasons that may include stress, poor diet, insufficient exercise or other causes.

The Colonic Hydrotherapy procedure is able to help the body expel waste which has not been eliminated through the normal process becoming trapped in the pockets and crevices of the colon. Once the elimination of such waste successfully occurs, a sense of well-being may return as the body is freed from recycling the toxicity of the trapped wastes.

At EF MEDISPA, the initial session will involve a full consultation and medical history, to ensure that our clients are suited to the procedure. The therapist will ensure that the treatment is as comfortable as possible with full respect to the client’s modesty.


Does it hurt?

No. There should be no pain at all during this treatment.

Is it safe?

Yes. With a properly qualified ARCH therapist carrying out the procedure, the pressure is kept too low for any damage to the bowel. EF MEDISPA’s equipment has the latest pressure valves for maximum protection and your therapist is always on hand during the treatment. Tubing used is disposable, for complete hygiene.

Will it be embarrassing?

No. Your therapist is trained to put you at your ease both prior to and during the session. Waste matter is not visible during the treatment. All waste matter is expelled via tubing which carries it straight into the waste pipe through to the mains drainage.

What will I feel?

The normal sensation to feel is a gentle arising and subsiding of the abdomen as the water goes into the body to soften, soak and dislodge hardened and trapped deposits, and is then expelled together with the wastes. Your therapist will combine the treatment with gentle abdominal massage to facilitate the release process.

Where is the treatment conducted?

EF MEDISPA has a special purpose treatment room with an en-suite toilet facility for your convenience.

For further reference on research and studies on Colonic Hydrotherapy see the following books:

- Wheatgrass Juice. Gift of Nature. By Betsy Russell Manning
- Wheatgrass, Natures Finest Medicine. By Steve Meyerowitz

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